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Mt. Wilson with a road bike

In case you don't know, Mt. Wilson is that big mountain directly to the north of Pasadena. In order to go up it, you need to get onto Rte 2 (the Angeles Crest Highway). Go to the Rose Bowl. While heading north on West St. (on the west side of the Rose Bowl), veer left onto Salvia Canyon Rd. and then make a right onto Linda Vista. Now make a right onto Berkshire, a right onto Commonwealth, and a left onto Lynnhaven. Lynnhaven will turn into Princess Anne, and then you will make a left onto Green and a right onto the Angeles Crest Highway. Once here, you're pretty much set. You will climb for perhaps 12 or 13 miles at a moderate grade (~5%). You will then have a road off to your right called Mt. Wilson Observatory Rd. You'll want to take this, as it will let you climb for five more miles until you get to the observatory at the peak of Mt. Wilson. The view while you climb is beautiful.

On the way back, you probably want to keep going down the 2 all the way to Foothill. At the bottom, make a right on Foothill and immediate left on Chevy Chase. It will take you back on Berkshire (make a left on Berkshire) and home the way you came. Some riders like to go up that way too.

Distance: 27 miles each way.

GPS info
The following data was acquired with a Garmin GPS with the West Topo map. Screenshots from Garmin Mapsource software for the map and elevation graph and GoogleEarth for the 3D view.

Download the Google Earth file: caltech-wilson.kmz

3D view of the route

Elevation graph

Last updated April 21, 2006.