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The Rose Bowl

A 10-15 minute ride from campus, the road surrounding the Rose Bowl is right around 3 miles long and features a very well paved surface with little car traffic at most times of the day. If you ride clockwise, you can go for as you want, virtually uninterrupted. This street is fairly flat.

If you explore Pasadena a little bit, you'll find countless ways tp get to the Rose Bowl. My favorite from campus is to head North on Wilson, make a Left on Walnut, go all the way past old town, past the freeway until it T's on Orange Grove. Make a Right on Orange Grove and a Left on Rosemont (that's the very first light). It will lead you down to the Bowl. Make a Left at the stop sign and start lapping.

There are plenty of small climbs you can do on the West side of the Rose Bowl... you should definitely explore a little!

Distance: 3 miles each way to the Rose Bowl; 3.1 miles around.

GPS info
The following data was acquired with a Garmin GPS with the West Topo map. Screenshots from Garmin Mapsource software for the map and elevation graph and GoogleEarth for the 3D view.

Download the Google Earth file: caltech-rose_bowl.kmz

3D view of the route

Elevation chart for one lap, starting from the South-East corner:
Elevation graph of one lap

Last updated August 9, 2006.